distributed & highly scalable
modular & easily extensible
settings_input_component   INTEGRATE APPLICATIONS
use ready-made steps & connectors
...or develop your own...
real-time or batch
big data friendly
cloud_queue   RUN ANYWHERE
on-premises or in a cloud
across multiple availability zones
in a container, VM,
on Kubernetes or bare metal
show_chart   UNLIMITED SCALE

Complex workflows
Titanoboa is a low-code platform for creating complex workflows on JVM.
Due to its generic, distributed and easily extensible design, you can use it for wide variety of purposes:
Your workflow graph can be even cyclic! We don't care.
In titanoboa workflows you can execute your steps sequentialy or in parallel. You can then join parallel threads back together whenever you wish to.
Each step can be handled transactionally to make sure it really did run.
If things go south you can let the step retry automatically. Or just catch errors and handle them as you wish...
Execute workflow jobs on unlimited scale
  • Trigger & monitor jobs via titanoboa's REST API or its console GUI
  • Scale seamlessly with titanoboa's stateless cluster
  • Run titanoboa servers on-premises or in a cloud - it is just a jar!
In-browser IDE
  • Develop your workflows with simple drag & drop interface
  • Visualize your existing workflows
Pick from ready-made steps
(or develop your own)
  • Predefined steps are available as templates with sample properties
  • Load new steps on fly - they are just maven artifacts!
Easily prototype your workflow steps
  • Prototype steps in java or clojure directly in browser IDE
  • Or just use your preferred IDE to create libraries and maven artifacts you can then use in titanoboa!
  • Support for other languages is coming!
Love the REPL!
  • Use in-build REPL to evaluate code directly as you prototype
  • Debugger will be a thing of the past!
Fork me on GitHub
OSS licensed under AGPL license
GUI with IDE and drag & drop interface
Community support only
Clustering (RMQ support only)
High Availability